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Twisted Horseshoe Knives was founded by Sergio Muelle. This venture started more out of serendipity than planning in the summer of 2013. I took early retirement from being a farrier as my knees decided they had endured enough of shoeing horses.

Peruvian born (now Spanish), I was partly brought up in Massachusetts-USA, lived in Portugal and Spain, I am now happily settled in Suffolk were I make knives and run knife making courses.

I make all types of knives, for all occasions and needs. They are fully handcrafted, all components (or mostly all!) are made by me: the forging of the blades, the woodwork on the handles and I even melt my own brass/bronze ingots for ferrules and guards.

All my blades are High Carbon steel and can be monosteel (one layer) or made of various layers of different steel, this is known as ‘pattern welded’ or ‘Damascus’ steel, a very similar process used by Anglo Saxon and Japanese smithies. The latter is a very intricate and complex way of making a knife but, the joy in doing so can be as great as the beauty of the resulting blade.

  • Handcrafted Kitchen Knives Western, Japanese or Hybrid styles
  • Handcrafted Knives for all Outdoor Activities
  • Bespoke Knives by commission
  • Customisation and Restoration of knives
  • Folding Knives
  • Monosteel and Pattern Welded (Damascus) multi-layered steel blades
  • Knife Sharpening Services
  • Courses: Make a Knife in a Day, 3 Day Damascus Knife & Learn to Sharpen Knives
  • Ceramic rod sharpening systems

Much of my work is by commission, this allows for a certain degree of personalisation by the future owner of the knife. Styles and finishes can be most varied when it comes to knives, not everybody uses or even holds one in the same way. The handles can be made from many different materials, natural or manmade, they all have their own idiosyncratic properties, pros and cons.

All my knives come with a lifetime guarantee. This must be understood as my lifetime as a knife maker, I expect my knives to outlive me (!).

I work on my own which means I have no scapegoat to blame for any miscalculation. I refuse to have Time looking over my shoulder as celerity is not an ally to a craftsman. However, I hardly ever miss a given “should be finished by” date.

When possible, I might be found at Craft Markets and Fairs, so I try to keep a little stock in the workshop. My collection western style kitchen knives is called “Coriander” and the Japanese/Far East inspired, Koyendoro. All my outdoorsy knives form the Herne’s collection and tradesman knives are Lugh’s.

I also run knife making courses. The most popular one is “Make a knife in a day”. It means exactly that, starting by forging out the monosteel blade, heat treating it, grinding, polishing, fitting the wooden handle, to finally sharpen and oil it. There is an option to do the course using a premade billet to forge a Damascus blade.

There is also a “3 day Damascus knife”. This is a chance to make a fully finished damascus knife starting from scratch. Fire welding all the layers and then forging out the billet, folding it, welding again, and repeating the process various times until the desired number of layers is obtained, is indeed a challenge to experienced knifemakers, let alone novices. But the results are rather mesmerising. Three days allows for taking things step by step.

I also run a “Knife sharpening” course which is just 3 hours long. Using sharpening stones well is a skill every knife owner should hone (no pun intended, of course).

All my courses are for a maximum of 2 to attend but, only if they book to come together. Otherwise, the courses are all individual as this allows for the best possible experience and knowledge gain.

Courses and COVID-19:

Thanks to the courses being for a maximum of 2 attendees I can implement a strict procedure that minimises contamination and fully adheres to the rules set out by the Government. I have the NHS COVID-19 QR code and send out the procedure sheet with a ‘track and trace’ questionnaire.

Visitors are welcome but, only by appointment.

Trade memberships / Awards / Qualifications

British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association

The Heritage Crafts Association

The Bladesmiths International Guild


Uppertown Farm, Wetherden, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 3NG

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