WeFindLocal.co.uk is the UK wide directory for unique, local & independent businesses, people and places – We don’t do so-so, predictable chains, franchises or spammy “SEO” submissions. If you are unsure if you would be accepted please email me at roblacey@wefindlocal.co.uk

Annual Membership & Listing is £6 per year
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Your annual membership is fixed at £6 per year (75% discount offer) and will never increase for as long as you wish to be a member and continue to pay your £6 annual subscription … failure to pay the annual membership when due will result in the deletion of your listing after 30 days.

Once you have paid via paypal (rob@roblaceyphotographer.co.uk) please submit your listing information (see checklist below) via email to us at roblacey@wefindlocal.co.uk

Please include your information in this order:

1) Business name (this is the listing title)

Description Section

2) Full description of the business (min 300 words) including information about who runs the business, what you do, where you are, what is offered and what makes you unique / different etc.

The longer description of your business is a big part of what gives our directory a unique quality and genuine interest to visitors – leading to more customers for you.

Please start with “xyz business” is etc etc as this is always linked at the start to your homepage for consistency of style.

NB. Description must be at least 300 words long otherwise we will not accept your listing. Most businesses write more and we are happy to have much longer listings if you wish.

In addition to the homepage link at the start of the description we add additional relevant deep links to internal pages of your site within the description at our editorial discretion (including the anchor text used) depending on the length and quality of the copy.

IMPORTANT. Please DO NOT just cut and paste huge chunks of your website copy to make the description as this is bad SEO for both your website and ours – submitted descriptions are checked via copyscape to make sure they not duplications.

3) Bullet pointed list of between 5-12 highlights – either what you do or things you offer.

This list will be placed part way through your full description information

Trade memberships / Awards / Qualifications

4) Trade memberships, awards & qualifications with links to membership if applicable


5) Full address including postcode and county

6) Contact telephone number(s)

7) Customer facing email address (and we can send you our monthly members e-newsletter)

Social Media

8) Facebook Business Page link (we also social boost*)

9) Twitter link / handle (we also social boost*)

10) Instagram link / handle

11) Any other relevant social media ie. youtube, tripadvisor

*Social Boost – We post on our Facebook and twitter that you have joined wefindlocal.co.uk with a link to your new listing, we also follow & like your FB and twitter accounts etc and we also regularly share and re-tweet members posts and tweets on an ad-hoc ongoing basis.

Categories / Location / Quick Facts

12) Full address including postcode and county (so we can add mapping and add locations)

13) Main contact telephone number

14) Company twitter handle ie. @yourtwittername

15) Business tagline of 5-8 words to sum up what you offer / what your business does.

16) Your opening hours or “By Appointment Only”

17) Your Website URL

18) Preferred business categories (max 6) including additional suggestions if applicable categories are not already listed (we will add them if appropriate).

19) 3+ horizontal images (min) reflective of the business, who your are and what you do. You can put a total of up to 9 images of any shape in the galler on your listing. Please send images in jpeg format and we will edit and crop to the size required. Make sure you have full rights to use the images for PR purposes including permission for us to you them for your listing.

20) Business contact email (if different to customer facing email) for contacting regarding membership / listing and monthly e-newsletter (opt-out anytime).

21) Contact for who is responsible for overseeing and developing your online strategy for SEO / analytics / website / social media / maintenance / hosting etc … Have you had an SEO Audit ?

For Reference

Please see links below for good examples of listings and the information to include etc






We are aiming to build a quality ad free directory of unique, independent & local businesses, people & places across the UK … which is why the listings we accept have to be interesting, thorough and informative.

We look forward to helping you promote and grow your business.

Cheers Rob Lacey