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The only English maker of traditional handmade Sieves and Riddles.


Overthrow Traditional Sieve & Riddle Makers was started in 2019 by Steve Overthrow from Somerset after over a year and a half of research, development and practicing the techniques needed to make Sieves and Riddles.

The reason? The craft was made extinct in 2013 when the last makers stopped suddenly, and these tools were then no longer available in the quality that gardeners, bakers, fisherman, potters and ceramicists had become accustomed to made by a British craftsman. This was Steve’s motivation along with a disbelief at the ready availability of plastic, metal, plywood, and cheaply made wooden imitations still available all from overseas.

I have always believed in British craftsmanship, quality and our ability to make things with longevity in mind from natural and recyclable materials, and that can be repaired. I thought that this needed to continue. Every tool made is done so with the intention to last somebody a life time, and the next person theirs, something that he sees so often when presented with a tool of 80+ years old that belonged to the owner’s grandparents, still being used.

  • Online Shop for Sieves & Riddles
  • Horticultural sieves and riddles for the potting shed to the garden
  • Fishing riddles for the inshore shell fisherman
  • Ceramics and pottery sieves or lawns for sieving glaze
  • Kitchen and baking sieves
  • Foundry Sieves
  • Repair service
  • Mesh and wire stocks
  • Steam bending equipment

He has opted to use Ash wood for the hoops, Beech was not readily available from this country, most of the beech needed of the quality to steam bend the wood comes from overseas and that just does not fit into his ethics. If it can be sourced within these shores, it should be. I have a very good sawmill.

The process involves cutting the wood into strips, steam bending the wood around a form into a hoop, then leaving to dry out for a few days. After that both ends of the wooden hoop are tacked together followed by either fitting a pre woven mesh (Sieve) or hand weaving a mesh wire by wire (Riddle).

Uses for these tools go from baking sieves in kitchens, to potters and ceramicists sieves, gardeners potting sieves and garden riddles, fisherman’s shell fishing riddles, foundry sieves and have even had some go to the fruit pressing and textile industry.

Everything has a 5 year warranty.

Trade memberships / Awards / Qualifications

A long time member of the Heritage Crafts Association

Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen


Great Western House, Westover, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9RB

Telephone: 07564 478503

Email: sievesandriddles@outlook.com

Website: www.sievesandriddles.co.uk

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4 reviews

  1. Excellent experience

    I bought a horticultural sieve for my husband for Father’s Day, it is a thing of beauty. Steve, the maker, is lovely, prompt and patient in his replies to my many questions. A fabulous experience. I’ve copied my review again because I forgot to star it .

  2. Beautiful Handmade Sieve

    When buying gardening tools I like to get the very best quality I can find. I absolutely love my 8” potting sieve. Very traditional and made to last a lifetime. You can feel it’s been made with skill and love. It’s an absolutely beautiful item.

  3. Superb handmade sieve

    My husband had been bemoaning his inability to replace a much treasured riddle which had previously been used by his father. All attempts to find a comparable alternative drew blanks: too flimsy, plasticy, wrong mesh size etc.
    I found the process from initial online enquiry to delivery of the finished riddle to be speedy, courteous and friendly. The sieve is traditionally and beautifully made, and the skills required are evidenced by the quality of the finished article. My husband is thrilled with his birthday gift, a bespoke sieve that is ‘just the job’. Full marks all round.

  4. I didn’t know that gardening equipment could look so handsome!

    Utterly beautiful products and excellent quality. I did not know that gardening equipment could look so handsome.
    I commissioned two copper riddles as a birthday gift for my partner. He was delighted with Steve’s workmanship, so much so that he initially considered them too beautiful to get dirty.
    Many thanks Steve for personalising them and for your efforts in ensuring delivery arrived on schedule!

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