Fireside Bellows

Unique, Hand Crafted Fireside Bellows


Fireside Bellows is the embodiment of ancient craft & modern practicality.

Founded and run by Anne Mills who, one day, simply got weary of blowing herself dizzy with her own woodfire set about working out how to make herself some bellows.

Since those first tentative efforts just 5 years ago she has quickly developed her skills – and discovered the beauty in the character of the various woods she uses combined with the softness and strength of leather to create her increasingly popular, individually unique, hand crafted fireside bellows.

  • Unique fireside bellows
  • Hand crafted in Britain
  • Predominantly British woods sourced from local timber mills
  • Soft, ‘real’ leathers selected to complement woods
  • Specialised BBQ bellows also available
  • Family heirlooms
  • Special occasion gifts

Located in Stanford in the Vale in Oxfordshire, Anne carefully selects pieces of wood from local timber mills with a close eye on where grain, interesting marks or knots might fall in the finished item. She uses modern tools to give her accurate blanks and then reverts to more ancient tools and hand skills to craft the curves and shapes that make her bellows feel so good when you pick them up.

Anne chooses soft leather that best compliments the wood and she painstakingly hammers in each individual tack in exactly the spot she wants it. At the business end of the bellows is a distinctive, sleek metal nozzle designed by Anne in consultation with a manufacturer in her own village.

Anne takes time and care when making bellows as she believes that they are not just tools to use but something that is an attractive adornment to the fireside and a potential family heirloom. The finished bellows glow with the warmth of her home-made natural oil and wax finish, have a lovely real leather aroma and give a very satisfying ‘whoosh’ to bring even the smallest embers to life.

Trade memberships / Awards / Qualifications

Crafts Council
Heritage Crafts Association


Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire SN7 8JB

Telephone: 07592 616130


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