Tiki by Cécile Gilbert

Contemporary resin jewellery handcrafted in Brighton


Tiki was established in 2009 by French resin jeweller Cécile Gilbert. Cécile creates a wide spectrum of colourful and sophisticated modern pieces, handmade from start to finish in her small Brighton studio.

Cécile’s passion for vintage Bakelite and her love for Midcentury Modern and Art Deco design lead her to experiment with the versatile medium of polyester resin and the fascinating world of pigments.

  • Deco Bracelets, Dome Bangles and Chunky Cuffs (Each design is available in various sizes and will fit most hands)
  • Eye-catching earrings: Studs, Disc Hoops, Drop and Dangle Earrings
  • Elegant Necklaces and Long Colourful Pendants
  • Striking Geometric Broches (Unisex)
  • Pebble Smooth Statement Modern Rings (Multiple sizes)

Since her first classes in resin and silversmithing at Brighton Art College, she has continued to evolve her own style by developing innovative casting techniques, form shaping methods and her distinctive combination of colours.

Pigments are hand-mixed to create the Tiki trademark colour palette, a selection of beautiful Lichen Green, Teal Blue and Paprika Orange contrasting against Ivory White and Jet Black.

By perfecting her unique cutout and recasting techniques and producing her own silicone moulds, Cécile is able to create eye-catching motifs and original shapes.

Each Tiki piece goes through multiple layering, casting and cutting stages resulting in striking patterns. Once cured, the piece is thoroughly sculpted on a belt sander, then meticulously hand sanded through the grades to a smooth and tactile feel. All fitments are made from Sterling silver, soldered, oxidised and polished by hand.

Cécile aims to offer an eclectic array of fun yet sophisticated pieces. Her intent is for the wearer to enjoy the elegant tactility and playfulness of her jewellery: The movement of dangle earrings against your cheeks, the jangling sound of bracelets or the splash of colours on the body.


76 Barnett Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 7GH

Telephone: 07719 563673

Email: cecile@tikibrighton.com

Website: www.tikibrighton.com

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Facebook: /Tiki-Brighton-217642884938033/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tikibrighton/


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