Blackaller Apiary

Peter Hunt Bee Consultant & Bees in Devon

Blackaller Apiary on Dartmoor is home to consultant beekeeper Peter Hunt and bees in Devon. From an early age Peter has kept bees and his extensive knowledge on beekeeping is as in demand as his Dartmoor wildflower honey.

The honeys are produced by wild bees living naturally from both Devon & Cornwall, which gives them the unique depth of flavours. The distinctive honey comes from Celendine, Dandelions as well as tree nectars such as Sycamore, Apples & Pears.

Available at many local outlets, Peter is also a regular at Exeter farmers market and many others, the Blackaller Honey is also available online through the bees in Devon online honey shop

  • Honey products from Devon & Cornwall
  • Dartmoor Wildflower Honey
  • Dartmoor Heather Honey
  • Cornish Wild Valley Honey
  • Dartmoor Bee Honeycomb
  • Consultant Beekeeper
  • Jacobs Sheep Wool & Meats

As an experienced beekeeper Peter extols the virtues of living simply with nature, nurturing bio diversity & respecting the countryside. His honey is ethically produced and as bees thrive on clean plants in an unpolluted atmosphere – the beautiful Devon and Cornwall landscape is reflected in the taste of his honey.

Peter’s bee consulting & bee keeping training extends from simple guidance for successfully setting up hives to educating other beekeepers about latest viruses, varroa mite and issues affecting bee colonies & hives.

Peter also has his own flock of Jacob’s sheep and sells their wool, fleeces and meat for the freezer.

Trade memberships / Awards / Qualifications

British Black Bee Association (BBBee)

Rosemary Cottage, North Bovey, Devon, TQ13 8RA

Telephone: 01647 440322 / 07974 270863



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